Sydney Spies to be on ‘Today Show’ this morning

Sydney Spies officially has made it, all the way to Rockefeller Plaza.

Mark Yoder, executive producer of 9News KUSA/KTVD, confirmed Sunday that the Durango High School student who has swept the nation with her senior portrait showdown will appear this morning on the “Today Show” with her mother, Miki Spies.

A representative from the “Today Show” called Spies and her mother last week to make arrangements for them to appear, Spies said.

On Saturday, a NBC News crew visited Durango to film a piece on Spies, who headed to New York the same day, Yoder said.

In addition, the crew filmed five student editors of the Toltec, the Durango High School yearbook, said Paige Shacklett, one of the student editors.

The film crew, out of Los Angeles, filmed editors discussing their decision to reject Spies’ suggested photo for her senior portrait. They based it on a previous precedent set when editors rejected a male student’s request that his senior portrait show him bare-chested.

Shacklett said she expected the segment with the editors to be shown when Spies appears on the “Today Show” this morning.

Spies may be on her way to becoming Colorado’s biggest breakout celebrity since Tim Tebow, with her protest over the questionable senior portrait making headlines from Denver to the United Kingdom.

Student yearbook editors offered Spies an opportunity to include the photo in the paid senior ad section.

In the photo, Spies, 18, is wearing a short yellow skirt with a black shawl that exposes her shoulders and midsection.

While school administrators noted that Spies’ attire in the photo violates the DHS dress code, the yearbook’s student editors say it was their decision not to include the photo as a senior portrait for professional reasons.

Spies said the photo is a good representation of her personality, and by pulling it, the school is violating her freedom of expression.

Spies protested with her friends and mother Wednesday, holding signs in front of DHS.

Though the deadline for senior portraits passed Friday, and the student yearbook editors say they have made their decision, Spies and her protest continue to gain attention.

“I’m really surprised. It’s like international,” she said. “I’m really, really surprised, I didn’t think people would care this much about a little small-town Durango protest.”

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