All youth athletes must make sacrifices to excel

I am writing to convey that other sports do not have an advantage over ice skating in Durango because of practice time and facilities. The skaters get ice for eight months out of the year and time in Albuquerque when our rink is closed, along with dryland training to round out their season. In comparison, the baseball teams in the area that compete on a regional and national level have their fields for five to six months at best. They compete solely in Albuquerque in the fall and Phoenix in the winter during the competitive showcase seasons when we do not have any fields and also rely on indoor training that does not allow us situational training, just strength and technique.

This all said, I am not trying to diminish the ice-skating athletes and their dedication to their sport; I commend them for it, but every other youth athlete in this town who is dedicated to his or her sport makes the same sacrifices to compete at higher levels. It just comes with the luxury of living in a small town. To help these athletes, Stillwater Foundation is working on a new facility to offer more opportunities for them to train and excel at their chosen sports.

Chris Jaworsky