Wolf release programs planned for Colorado, surrounding states

I wonder how many Herald readers are aware of the planned wolf release programs in Colorado?

Official plans are under way to release wolves in the Baca National Wildlife Refuge, according to The Denver Post website. This plan is being proposed by the National Park Service.

Another plan by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife service is to release 750 wolves along the borders of Arizona, Utah, New Mexico and Colorado, particularly the San Juan wilderness and all Colorado wilderness areas. There are reports of a pack of wolves with pups on High Lonesome Ranch near De Beque. Wolves have decreased the Yellowstone elk herds from 20,000 to 6,000, the Jackson Shiras Moose from 1,700 to 117, the Lolo elk herd from 20,000 to 1,700 since the wolf releases about 10 years ago.

All these herds have less than 10 percent calves. You need 25 percent just to sustain a population. The Baca refuge cannot even support one pack of wolves. Information can be found at www.biggameforever.org, www.huntersagainstpeta.com-wolf-introduction-important-message-biggame-forever, www.thegreatwhitehunter.wordpress/2011/10/31/wolf-battle-big-game-forever-sign-the-petition, and www.missoulian.com/news/local/article_3a3901f6-16c5-11df-9188-001cc4c0328.html.

You may want to freshen up on the Endangered Species Act of 1993. Bush, Obama, and Salazar have tried to get the wolf delisted and control back to the states.

The Great Sand Dunes management is planning to release Yellowstone buffalo and do population control with wolves.

These buffalo are being transferred because of a brucellosis outbreak in Yellowstone National Park. How will this affect Colorado’s beef and ranchers’ other livestock? How will the wolves affect the lynx recovery effort?

Visit www.wolfpreservation.com for more information about the wolf-recovery effort.

Mike Hopkins