Focus on more important issues than plastic bags

We regularly clean the state highway near our home. We rarely find plastic bags, and if we do, they disintegrate in our hands. What we do find every time that has not degraded a bit are beer bottles and beer cans. Why aren’t people demanding that we ban bottles and cans? Do bottles and cans magically degrade in landfills, but thin, barely-there plastic bags do not?

At a time when we have a sagging economy, a national debt our grandchildren won’t even pay off, job losses across the county, home foreclosures and rampant social problems such as hungry and cold children going to bed at night, children living in homes with drug addicts, child abuse in all forms, schools failing to teach our children properly, bullying and persecution for being different, drug and alcohol abuse (as is evidenced by so many bottles and cans thrown along the highway), it seems irresponsible to focus on banning plastic bags. If you’re going to pick a cause, it would seem there are plenty that have a much more significant impact on our society than plastic bags that disintegrate on their own.

And what will be the impact on businesses in Durango if such a ban is enacted? I know I will do my shopping outside of Durango, as will many others in the area. Will we change our invitation to tourists to, “Visit Durango, but bring your own bags”? Can already-struggling businesses take a hit such as this?

I’d like to suggest to all those concerned with banning plastic bags to consider participating in the Occupy Common Sense movement and use your time for much more important issues.

Rebecca Talley