Durango woman decries release of sister’s murderer

Man’s shortened life sentence in Oregon leaves family fearful

Durango resident Linda Jones is on a crusade to stop the release of her sister’s murderer, who was convicted of the Oregon killing in 1990.

Donald Glen Richardson was convicted of shooting his wife, Cynthia Richardson, in her sleep in October 1990 and then using a meat saw and butcher knives to cut apart her body, The Oregonian reported in a story Saturday on his impending release.

Richardson is scheduled to leave Columbia River Correctional Institution in Portland, Ore., on March 31.

“This is horrifying. We never thought we would see this day come,” Jones said.

Jones said her sister had been married to Richardson for about 14 years when she disappeared. The week before, he ran over the family dog.

“She was in fear of her life after he had killed her dog and held a gun to her head,” Jones said.

Donald Richardson, 65, is one of 60 Oregon prison inmates convicted of murder that eluded their life sentences through a loophole in Oregon sentencing guidelines, TheOregonian article reported.

Richardson’s original life sentence plus five years was deemed unlawful by the passing of Measure 11, which imposes mandatory minimum prison sentences for certain violent crimes.

Jones is fearful for herself and her sister who resides in The Dalles, Ore.

“I am doing everything I can to stay on top of this,” Jones said. “My sister’s life and my life are potentially in danger from the release of this man.”

Jones was notified of the release of Richardson by mail last December. She said more should be done to safeguard victims’ families.

“Our lives will never be the same,” Jones said. “I want legislation that will make the public aware of how the lives concerning these dangerous people affect the victims families once they are released into the public.”


Linda Jones holding a picture of her sister Cynthia Richardson, who was murdered in 1990. Enlarge photo

Andrea C. Busick

Linda Jones holding a picture of her sister Cynthia Richardson, who was murdered in 1990.

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