Bag ban would add to things driving away tourists

Why in the world would the residents of Durango and City Council want to spend time on plastic bags when we have real problems in this world, state and city facing us? The loss of jobs, housing and people leaving Durango should be the focus.

Let us begin to plan on how to bring more people into Durango instead of driving them out. If the City Council should decide to make law to deny the use of plastic bags and other plastics to the residents of Durango without giving them a vote, then it will push the “local” buying even more out of Durango to Farmington.

The people of Durango deserve the right to have a vote. Many Durangoans even now go to Farmington because there is no sales tax on food there.

Another thing to think about is that Durango depends on tourists to support the economy. Do we want to make it more uninviting for the tourists when they come to Durango?

We already have these ridiculous blinking yellow arrows that even the locals don’t know what to do: stop, go or wait. If the locals in Durango can’t figure it out, how will the tourists?

It is bad enough we make a haul in the summertime off our parking tickets, which in turn affects our businesses. With this type of small thinking, we can say goodbye to the tourists.

Think about the ramifications that come from such poor decision-making.

Connie Yoder


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