Basketball headline implied cowardice

We are the parents of Matt Morris, a Fort Lewis College basketball player. The Herald has written many wonderful and positive articles about our son and his teams over the years. This is why we must protest, because we know you have and can do much, much better. We were very offended by the headline, “Without backbone team turns to jelly,” (Herald, Feb. 18).

That turn of phrase insinuates that the team played fearfully or cowardly, and nothing could be farther from the truth. We were at the game, and our team, though understaffed, played its heart out. The players fought and simply fell to a better team that night. We are upset that more forethought and wisdom was not used in writing this article. Those young men play with honor and courage every time they step out on the court. Respectfully, we request an apology to the FLC basketball team.

Audie and Heidi Morris