Trip to, in Durango revealed kindness, care of many

I was in Durango Jan. 5 because my son went into the hospital. On Jan. 6, I was walking to a restaurant when I tripped and fell in the alley alongside the restaurant. I fell on my face, and was feebly calling for help. A man and his wife came. She went to get napkins for the blood, he assessed my wounds and told me he was a telephone lineman, with some accident experience. They turned me over, and helped hold napkins to my face to stop the bleeding. He called my daughter-in-law, and she and her parents came, helped me up and took me to the emergency room.

It turned out I needed 22 stitches on my face, which was badly battered, and I broke my wrist on one hand and my little finger on the other. The emergency room people were absolutely wonderful, and later I needed surgery on my wrist, which was done by an orthopedist, Dr. Kane Anderson. My face looks great and my wrist is healing very well. I want to thank all the kind folks in Durango not only those I mentioned, but also people I met who were so kind and helpful, including the staff at the Durango Lodge, where I ended up staying for 26 days!

Linda Pearlman