Black bean cakes are hearty option for meat lovers

We are on a roll with our endeavor to add some new recipes to our repertoire.

Molly, 9, chose and produced a lovely soup a couple of weeks ago and more recently, Emma, 10, made some delicious black bean cakes that were a hit. She helped make them with my encouragement. She could have picked another recipe from a magazine, but I have been really wanting to try these, so she obliged.

We like meat in our house, but pasta is just easy to make vegetarian, as are soups. We do tofu every now and then, but it is really nice to have a few more hearty recipes that require no meat.

I found this recipe in a fun, family cookbook and altered it slightly, hoping it would appeal to my pickier eaters. Emma put the required ingredients together while Molly made our nightly salad. There is nothing about this recipe that is difficult except dicing an onion, which I did because time was disappearing.

Emma formed the soft mixture into ˝-cup cakes then placed them in a shallow bowl with the breadcrumbs. She carefully flipped them over to coat the other side, then placed them on a greased sheet pan.

We only used half of the mixture because we ran out of breadcrumbs, but they were just as good made the next day when the supply of panko was replenished.

I sauteed some frozen corn then mixed it with diced avocado. Once the cakes were baked and a little crispy, we placed them on a bed of the corn and served them with a spoonful of salsa, too.

The black bean cakes were very tasty. Molly picked at hers, but the rest of us, even Clay, were practically licking our plates. I bet Molly will enjoy them twice as much next time. And, the recipe is quick to put together. So, if you need a new vegetarian recipe for your gang, try these out. Better yet, have one of your kids make them for you. Margery Reed Poitras is a former professional chef who now cooks for her kids and occasionally for the more mature palate.