Community should rally to support youths

When my husband and I walked into the Durango High School gymnasium recently for the boys basketball playoff game, I expected a “Red Sea.” Much to my dismay, the empty bleachers left me wondering, “Where is the community support?” And, yes, I do know it was winter break for the school district

Research has often shown that students who are involved in extracurricular activities not only have greater success in school, but also greater lifelong success both professionally and personally. For a high school basketball team that made the playoffs for the first time since 2007, I was disappointed by the lack of support these boys so deserved. Communities need to rally around students and support them in ways in which research suggests have long-lasting results, as it is not only an investment in the future of Durango, but also just a simple way to show gratitude for adolescents who make good decisions and work hard.

These boys played their hearts out (and won!) to a somewhat lackluster crowd – kudos to them for rising to the occasion without the support of their community. As an educator, I plead to the Durango community to become more involved in supporting our community’s youths. Not only do the students deserve it, but Durango does, too.

Again, congratulations to the DHS boys basketball team. You put on a great show.

Casie Nauman