Dog encounter illustrates how busy Animas River Trail is

I am writing in response to the letter from Brenda Macon (Herald, Feb. 21). My son and I were both bitten while running on the river trail a while ago; however, our experience was a little different than the one Macon described. Both of our wounds broke the skin but were relatively minor. My son didnít realize he was bitten until a little farther down the trail.

I stopped and asked the dogís owners about vaccinations, and the couple let me look at the rabies tag. Looking back, I do wish that I had gotten more information so I could check on the dogís health because I am still a little nervous, but all of their dogs were leashed and the people were following the leash law and had the vaccination tag.

I hope the dog is still healthy, but the incident just emphasizes the need for everyone on the trail to be aware that the trail is a busy place. I am sorry that Maconís father did not get the chance to find out any information about the dog that bit him. Dog owners should be ready to show that their dog has current vaccinations and also be ready to file a report with Animal Control.

Melissa Maloney