Parking laws apply to everyday churchgoers, not just Sunday Christians

Arriving at St. Markís on Third Avenue for the Ash Wednesday noon vigil, I parked next to the median, as did many others, in accordance with the sign posted allowing such parking for church services.

When I left after the service, two policemen were stationed behind my car, lights flashing, running my license plate. I immediately pointed to the sign about church-service parking, reminded them it was Ash Wednesday and also added that I was on my way from there to give blood at United Blood Services. They asked why mine was the only car there, and I explained that I was the last one to leave Ė thinking, but not adding, that maybe I needed to pray more than the others.

The point that my priest made when I told her the story is that this is a reminder that we are not only Sunday Christians, which I appreciate the officers for recognizing, but that we need to obey both Godís and manís laws every day of the week. Amen.

Katherine Reynolds