Cannon finds peace and quiet in Durango

Durango’s musical community is never one to shy away from a benefit.

If you’ve got a cause you can reach out to a band or two, and more often than not those bands will offer their services to help raise some cash for your organization.

Saturday will be no different, when three local bands will hit the stage at the Henry Strater Theatre for a fundraiser for SOS Outreach. The beneficiary of some of the proceeds is a mentoring program for students from local middle and high schools that uses snowboarding to facilitate healthy community involvement for its students. This year, the organization involved more than 30 volunteers and 100-plus students.

Audience members are asked to clean out their closets before the concert, as SOS will accept donations of snowboarding equipment at its show Saturday for use next season.

Bands performing will be the jam-band sounds of Jack Ten High, indie blues-soul with Hello Dollface and Durango’s newest addition to its musical cache, Caitlin Cannon and the Artillery.

Cannon is an Alabama-born musician who used to live in Durango. She spent the last eight years of her career in Greenpoint, a neighborhood in Brooklyn on the edge of the trendy Williamsburg neighborhood. Her return to Durango comes at a time when she’s looking to put a touring career in place in addition to expanding her catalog of songs.

“There’s more sonic room,” Cannon said last week in the KDUR studios, referring to Durango. “I found it’s a good place to hang out for a little bit and get some songs written and put the touring musician in me to practice.”

“Sonic room” is simply space away from a crowded, busy, noisy city that also remains a hub for talent. Durango, however, is a far cry from busy New York, allowing her to use a smaller, quieter space to concentrate on writing.

“I believe in the process of songwriting, to really learn about the craft. I take it really seriously,” Cannon said. “You don’t think that getting up and doing it every day is the thing that’s going to make or break you, but it is. And it’s much easier to do that here when you don’t have a jackhammer going off outside your window every day.”

Cannon’s music remains, at times, difficult to categorize, a mix of Americana with elements of rock, pop and country.

Making up “The Artillery” for Saturday night’s performance will be most of Hello Dollface. Cannon also has plans for a new record from The Artillery, loose plans for an all-girl band, as well as a record and a tour with Hello Dollface lead singer Ashley Edwards.

For now, she’ll keep Durango as her locale as she pushes her music to listeners everywhere.

“I think Durango is a good place to have a home base if you’re going to be peddling your music around to the rest of the states,” she said

Bryant Liggett is a freelance writer and KDUR station manager. Reach him at