People can move from fighting fear and anger to adulthood

An intelligent person has a well working brain. Every child automatically reacts with love in a loving environment. In an non-loving environment, the gentle-natured child automatically reacts with fear, the proud-natured with anger. When the capacity to feel is filled with fear or anger, the survival mechanism trips, internalizing fear-flight or anger-fight.

Internalized fear or anger controlling the mind is mental illness. Fear-flight in the gentle child is called autism. Just as removing a hand from a burning stove, the mind automatically shuts out the world of people and creates an subconscious autistic world of loving animals, tree and flower friends. The conscious mind is limited to a monitoring voice that the child does not know is itself. In teenage and older children, it is called schizophrenic.

Anger-fight in the child is called the classroom bully. The controlling actions of the older anger-fight people is labeled criminality or authority.

When the capacity to feel is filled with love, love is internalized. The child mind transcends to the spiritually oriented, love-directed, nonviolent child of God, the adult mind.

Most people have not internalized fear, anger or love. I internalized fear when I was a small child. Incredibly, I survived 31 years of psychiatry. Then a nurse in an emergency room told me to go to a 12-step program, saying, “They teach people how to get well there.” I went and they do.

It is a place of love and truth. Just as food and water is the prevention and cure of starvation, so love and truth is the prevention and cure of mental illness.

I was no longer suicidal after my first meeting for they gave me hope. It only took six months for my capacity to feel to fill with love and internalize love, making the profound change to the nonviolent, love-directed adult mind.

Clover Greene, founder and director, Welcome World