Herald bias revealed in coverage of Pace, Tipton

The old dudes’ Wednesday lunch bunch all agreed that Debbie Marquart nailed a clear cut, concise take on the leftist-progressive stance of the Herald (Letters, March 4). She warned, rightfully, that a balanced editorial approach is not in the cards.

What the Herald doesn’t get is how seriously disgusting so much of its content is to card-carrying conservatives and many (most?) moderates. Balanced journalism is the key to retaining concerned, intelligent readers. Provide the reader with facts, not varnished liberal opinion, and the audience will praise you for it. Marquart is not alone in recognizing that Herald writing and point of view are hugely biased. By turning off so much of the potential audience, the Herald is just hastening its journey down the tubes to irrelevancy.

To the point: Why doesn’t the Herald live in Scott Tipton’s pocket? His Democratic opponent in the next election is mentioned in headlines much more often. Example: On March 11, we got a puff piece on Page 3 with the five-column headline, “Pace takes Durango’s pulse on Main Ave.” What a waste of valuable space! What Tipton is doing or not doing for the 3rd Congressional District seemingly is of little importance. Damning Tipton with faint praise appears to be the editorial order of the day.

Why not get behind the people’s push for Denver TV? Find out what Tipton is really doing – the facts – to right this obvious wrong. Why is the FCC dragging its collective feet? Why doesn’t the Herald find out from Tipton? Why let another year go by without any attention? In an election year, it is more important than ever that Durangoans get as much straight, ungarbled input as possible from the state Capitol. Denver TV is a partial answer. Tipton should tell us what his role is in getting it done. The Herald should report on his efforts or lack thereof. Instead, once again, the Herald surrenders the editorial high ground to push its politics by following Sal Pace meandering down Main.

Brian Van Mols