Jazzed on losing

At the risk of sounding like every other overweight person I know, I’m admitting to a recently diagnosed thyroid problem.

That may not be the reason I have 30 pounds to lose, but I’ll use it as an excuse for now.

What jazzes me is the contest the Durango Herald has been running since January – the Lose to Win Biggest Weight Percentage Loser. Check out the website http://lose2windurango.com

This week’s food feature is the “back story” of two contestants, Jennifer McMannis and Bryan McCoy. They were inspirational beyond words, and talking to them really got my attention about how motivation is key to weight loss.

The contestis just beyond its halfway point, so folks who have stuck with January weight loss resolutions are finally seeing big results. Every Saturday in the Herald,you can see their faces and note what percentage they’ve lost. It’s much like the reality show of a similar name, but no gross drama that comes with stepping on the scale, while team members grimace and sigh.

Weights in this contest are not revealed, just the percentage of weight lost.

The advertising insert also carries some great nutrition tips, occasional recipes and a Q&A with a health coach. Contest winners win weekly “prizes” ranging from 6-inch subs to gift certificates for local products and services.

Grand prize winners –the top losers of both genders – will win $1000 after the contest ends on May 7.

Many years ago, I participated in a similar challenge that benefitted Durango Adult Literacy. It involved nagging my friends to make pledges for every pound I would lose by contest’s end. I was brutal in my denial of everything that I’d normally enjoy, so of course, I won.

I raised a lot of money for the non-profit. Some of my friends were astonished. The ones who knew me best pledged no more than a dollar a pound. Those unaware of how competitive I can be in a short-term challenge (“poor loser” comes closer to the truth) pledged much more. They were completely pissed off when I collected after the month long challenge ended.

The prize was a mountain bike sized perfectly for my 6-foot-4-inch tall husband. He’s never ridden it.

Looking back, I wish I could boast about my starting weight in that weight loss challenge, rather than my present “delivery” weight today.

Delivery weight, for those of you wondering what I had delivered, will not be revealed, but you can just imagine how much a pregnant food-lover actually gains when she delivers two nearly nine-pound boys at full term.

If the Herald does this contest again next year, look out. I’m entering.

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