Elect new commissioners to improve county’s rationality

Here in La Plata County, hundreds and hundreds of hours of grass-roots volunteer input by interested and dedicated residents have been summarily dismissed by two irresponsible county commissioners with their rejection of the comprehensive plan and the climate and energy action plan. This could serve to stifle the efforts of devoted residents who are sincerely concerned about the future of the county and who wish to participate in the democratic process by volunteering their efforts. Why volunteer now, when all of that hard work will just be deliberately ignored or rejected by the county?

If you feel inclined to contribute your personal energy to effecting a path to a secure future here, now is the time to start working to elect two new commissioners, preferably Gwen Lachelt and Julie Westendorff, this November. The electoral process guarantees that county officials will not be able to reject your votes as they have your other efforts, and hopefully, the governance of the county might just become rational for a change.

Jim Judge