Jewish chefs worth noting

Jewish cooking is notorious for being, shall we say, less than delectable. The strict dietary laws (called kasher) separating milk from meat and barring the best cuts of beef, not to mention pork or seafood of any kind, limit the flavor and variety of its dishes.

Jewish cooks, however, are another thing altogether. Some of today’s most celebrated and wellknown chefs are Jewish. Ina Garten, a perennial favorite of the Food Network, is acclaimed for her stellar cookbook series and cable television show, The Barefoot Contessa. Ruth Reichl was the groundbreaking editor of the former Gourmet magazine and one of the most out-spoken proponents of farm-to-table dining. Myra Goodman started Earthbound Farms, the largest purveyor of organic produce in the U.S., and wrote Food to Live By, another manifesto to sustainable eating.

Despite the challenge of their culinary heritage, these chefs and writers learned a love of eating and cooking well.

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