School district policy revisions should be broad, clear and interpretable

Thank you to The Durango Herald for coverage of the Sunnyside principal hiring communication disaster. At the board of education meeting March 20, it was easy to see how this mess occurred. In the end, the majority of the board members chose to support excuses rather than put forth a simple motion that would not be in violation of their policy governance but would show the community that they recognized the failure of the process in this case. Had the hiring not been approved by the board, and because the board agreed that the policy was not followed, donít you think the superintendent would be able to figure out what to do without telling him? But the majority didnít make that choice.

And now to move forward:Fortunately, I think most members of the school board recognize that changes are needed. What remains to be seen is if they will successfully follow through with policies and procedures that are written in a way that future board members donít get lost in language that prevents them from making choices for the greater good of the community time and time again.

Policy language should be broad and leave room for interpretation. Intelligent people should be expected to make decisions based on their ability to understand intent, their own knowledge and common sense because every situation cannot be anticipated and written into policy, nor should it be.

At Sunnyside, the sun will always shine. We have many reasons to appreciate the school and community it fosters. The Sunnyside community is unique and filled with involved families, amazing teachers and dedicated support staff who make it a great place for our children to learn. Today, we have a principal we love. May it always be so.

Melissa Lopez


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