In Ignacio’s election for mayor, every vote counted

Provisional ballot reverses outcome; Millich wins by 1

A tie vote in Ignacio’s mayoral race was decided last week by using a deck of cards, with the winner drawing the highest card.

But the unofficial results of the tiebreaker were reversed Monday after election officials determined a provisional ballot should be counted.

Provisional ballots are cast for a variety of reasons – in this case because the voter’s name did not appear on the voter-registration list. The voter was able to produce a receipt showing he registered to vote at the Division of Motor Vehicles.

The La Plata County Clerk and Recorder’s Office reviewed the provisional ballot and the voter-registration receipt and determined the person who cast the ballot should be considered a valid, registered elector in the town of Ignacio.

Ena Millich edged out Cecilia Robbins by one vote, 62-61, said Town Clerk Georgann Valdez.

The town certified the results Monday morning.

“I’m very proud of our community over here,” Millich said Monday. “I’m very excited.”

Robbins said she has contacted an attorney and is considering contesting the election.

“It’s not about losing the election,” Robbins said. “It has everything to do with that provisional ballot and the process. I want to make sure it is all on the up and up, and everyone is treated fairly.”

The April 3 election was held to select a mayor and four trustee members. A recount confirmed the tie between the mayoral candidates. The two candidates participated in a tiebreaker Wednesday, with Robbins drawing a seven and Millich drawing a six from a deck of cards.

Millich said she was provisional ballot would be counted.

“If the vote was supposed to count, I certainly wanted it to count,” she said.

Millich has served on the town’s Planning Commission and was elected to the Town Board four years ago. Robbins also served on the Town Board as mayor pro-tem and began serving as mayor in October after George Whitt resigned for health reasons.

Millich and the new board will be sworn in at 7 p.m. today during the regularly scheduled Town Board meeting.

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