New pass rates could drive seniors from slopes

Durango Mountain Resort announced its new rates for season passes for next year. A price increase was not unexpected as it has raised prices every year for the last several years, but by a reasonable amount, and the resort has made some improvements recently in grooming equipment and grooming quality but not the promised replacement of Chair 8. However, the price increases this year were dramatic, and were aimed directly at senior skiers.

A couple of years ago the cost of a season pass for someone over 70 years of age was $69; last year, it was $159. The new rate will be $399. This is an increase of 250 percent. Most senior skiers ski only on nonholiday weekdays and frequently are a majority of the skiers on those days. A more reasonable price increase with blackout dates on weekends and holidays would be acceptable to many senior skiers, but the new rates seem to be aimed at driving this group off the slopes at DMR.

John Montle