U.S. can send strong message to prevent war with Iran

Several people who read my recent letters to the editor on the subject of Iran have said to me, “So you stated the problem, but what solution did you offer?”

I say the solution is quite simple. The United States should issue a statement to Israel and have it published to the rest of the world: “The United States of America requests that Israel does not attack or harass Iran. If Israel does attack Iran, it will get no military or financial support from the United States of America. Israel will be on its own with its war with Iraq.

“If Iran should attack Israel, the United States will support Israel 100 percent immediately and will assist in the complete destruction of Iran’s military capacity.”

This statement, I feel, would put an end to any threat of war between Israel and Iran.

As for the propaganda that is generating some hysteria for war, let us do some serious thinking. Does every country in the word, except Iran, have the right to develop nuclear energy? We do not know that Iran is developing a nuclear bomb. Is this the same guesswork that led us to guess that Iraq had nuclear and biological weapons – resulting in the death of 100,000 Iraqis, 5,000 Americans, terrible destruction of their country and leaving the United States $15 trillion in debt?

Assuming that Iran does build a nuclear bomb, does it follow that it will bomb Israel? Do we believe that Iran is so dumb that it will commit suicide – knowing that the entire country will be destroyed by the United States – and may well be the beginning of World War III?

Look at all the countries who have nuclear bombs: Russia, China, North Korea, India, Pakistan – and who knows how many other countries may possess a nuclear bomb. We have learned to live with them. If Iran builds a nuclear bomb, we must live with Iran. There is no need for another war.

John F. Grayson