DMR price changes seems vengeful

I’ve been a season pass holder at Durango Mountain Resort for 22 years, started in my 50s and am now 74. In the 1990s, those 70 years and older skied for free in Colorado, and I looked forward to that day. By the time I got to 70, free had been replaced by “reasonable” – no complaints.

In the most recent DMR all-season pass schedule, the $95 “reasonable” price I paid last year is not enough. DMR has quadrupled the price to $399. I realize that the previous price was a courtesy and recognition of an age group that mostly had a lower fixed-income situation. There might even have been some degree of honoring and respect of the elders among us.

The quadrupling of last year’s price is not only unkind, it seems almost vengeful. I did not ski at all last year with my season pass because of a physical impairment, but was look looking forward to another chance this year and was willing to buy the pass, just in case. I hope the financial circumstance at DMR is not so dire that it feels it necessary to gouge the elderly to keep the bean counters happy.

Dexter Hewrring