Remembrance: Michelle Katherine Berard

About five or so years ago, a little red-headed hotty was ripping the Chair 8 lift line. That was fine, but she seemed to purposely cut me off. So I followed her down, got on the lift with her and made her sit for a lift portrait. We immediately became great friends.

Skiers seem to migrate to groups we call “posses.” Thus, the Soul Group Posse was formed. The Soul Group stands for all black (steep) all the time.

Michelle was a great skier and fun, too. Soon, more similarly minded serious skiers joined the Soul Group. Sometimes there could be 10 or 15 of us. It was always great fun.

Even after “Red” became ill, she continued to ski. That’s the way real skiers are – always finding the fun, no matter what. We all knew she was very sick, but she kept skiing. She was an inspiration to all as she skied until closing day, less than two weeks before her passing.

Michelle was born a Wisconsin Cheesehead, who loved and lived in Colorado for the last 25 years. Not many knew that she was a Packer’s Princess, too. Her great uncle owned a company called the Green Bay Meat Packers. When the “new” football team came to town, he donated the uniforms. The team was so grateful, they called themselves the Green Bay Packers. The rest is history, and Red was raised on the 50-yard line. A faithful fan to the end.

Goodbye, Red, we’re going to miss you!

By Ed Kruse and Soul Group Posse members Chris and Soley Cushing, “Hot Dog” Randy Linscott, Reno Deon, Toots McGuiggen, Jeff Sweet, Lauren Slaff, John Toot, Kory and Mike Brittingham, Happy Ryan, Alex Archangelski, Bob and Libby Pedolski and Paul McDonough.