Energy future riding on LPEA election

LPEA is having elections for four board positions in a mail-in ballot that should arrive in voter households about Saturday. This is our opportunity to begin the process of bringing our co-op into the 21st century by electing four new people to the LPEA board Ė Kirsten Skeehan, Bruce Baizel, Britt Bassett and Heather Erb. These are people who are experienced and knowledgeable about renewable energy and how to bring it to Southwest Colorado.

Do you see new ideas coming from the current board? Didnít they just raise our base rates across the board while also trying to promote conservation? Why donít we have more solar incentives for individuals and businesses? Wouldnít you like to see some new blood on the LPEA board?

This group of four great candidates can begin to change that. This is not a partisan issue. It affects us all. We all need to talk to everyone we know and make them aware of this opportunity. We all need to watch for our ballot Saturday, choose a new person for our district who can make a difference and return the ballot promptly in the mail. In most years, 90 percent of ballots are thrown away and households donít vote because many of us donít recognize any of the candidates or we donít know who to vote for. Our energy future is too important to squander in this way. Be sure that everyone you know does know their options and that they vote so we can look forward to a brighter future for La Plata County.

There is no comparison between these four great candidates and their incumbent opponents when it comes to renewable-energy knowledge and experience. I urge you to vote for Kirsten Skeehan, Bruce Baizel, Britt Bassett or Heather Erb.

Julie Ward