Elect new leaders to LPEA board

Do you want to be saddled with ever-increasing electric base charges while you do everything you can to reduce your electricity use? Do you want your electric provider to squash alternative-energy efforts of you and your neighbors? Of course not. Then make sure you vote for Britt Bassett, Bruce Baizel, Heather Erb or Kirsten Skeehanone in the La Plata Electric Association Board of Directors election.

Normally, most of us dont pay much attention to that, but this year we need to because the current directors are way out of touch. They just raised our base charge by 16 percent and promise to keep raising it for years. That means if you choose to be more energy-efficient, it wont matter, your utility bill is going up. That means if you buy efficient lighting or efficient appliances, your utility bill is going to go up. If you install a solar electric system, your utility bill is going up.

Raising only the base charge is exactly the opposite of what they ought to be doing. We have got to get in new LPEA directors who understand that LPEA is a co-op not a corporation. Vote for these new candidates. LPEA ballots will be mailed out today.

Jim Hoffman