Figures show oil production up under Obama

Jim Beatty’s brilliantly written letter to the editor fooled me into thinking President Obama was to blame for increased gas prices (Herald, April 1). His allusion to Pinocchio was a great start, and the logic of his argument was impressive, much of it resting on reduced domestic oil producing activity during Obama’s tenure.

Yet something seemed wrong, so I looked up domestic oil production and found that it had regularly decreased during the George W. Bush years, decreased by 2.25 percent in 2008, and increased by 8.29 percent in 2009 and by 2.82 percent in 2010 ( So, I reread the letter, and saw that Beatty had referenced reduced production on federally controlled land twice, rather than total domestic production.

Accepting Beatty’s argument that domestic production is a major factor in the price of gas, if Obama’s action with respect to production on federally controlled land did not result in decreased total domestic production, it seems hard to blame Obama on that count, unless I’m being foolish again.

Rory Mullett


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