Wolverines earn a ‘humbling’ soccer W

Bayfield wins easy, but in victory, coach says ‘we’re not invincible’

The Bayfield High School girls soccer team was humbled Saturday with Alamosa in town.

The Mean Moose slipped a goal past the Wolverines.

The Wolverines, however, slipped six past the Moose in their 6-1 victory at Wolverine Country Stadium.

“It’ll keep us humble,” BHS head coach Jen Zelinski said. “I told the girls we’re not invicible.”

Still, the Wolverines didn’t have much trouble with the Moose, keeping control of Alamosa’s faster players, while Bayfield’s Effie Nistler ravaged one side of the Mean Moose defense.

“We were destroying them on the right side,” Zelinksi said. “Nistler was destroying them.”

Nistler scored one of Bayfield’s six goals and added an assist.

Sanna Penton, Lindsey Reinmuth and Grace Harvey scored one goal each, and Keenan Moreta scored two in a well-distributed scoring spread.

“It is every game, but it’s great to see we don’t just have one person dominating the scoring because we don’t want to rely on just one person,” Zelinski said.

The Wolverines scored three goals in the first half and three more in the second. Alamosa’s lone goal came in the second frame on a mental breakdown from the home team.

Zelinski said “excellent through balls” made the scoring easy, along with good first touches.

“It was just a matter of everything we’ve been working on in practice was all good (Saturday),” Zelinski said.

Bayfield (10-0, 8-0 Intermountain League) will host the Durango junior varsity at 3 p.m. Tuesday at Wolverine Country Stadium. BHS has won two in a row in the regional series.