Elect an LPEA board to support your views

Ballots for the La Plata Electric Association board of directors have been sent out. Four of your fellow co-op members have stepped up to run for the four open seats, and as a member of LPEA’s cooperative, you have the right to select a board of directors that reflects your views on energy production and use. You’ll be able to vote for one candidate depending on which of the four districts you live in.

These four are dedicated to the following principles for LPEA:

Keep more of our energy dollars locally through local production.

Keep electricity rates low and stable for the long term.

Improve air and water quality by reducing dependence on electricity produced from coal.

Increase the transparency of LPEA decision-making

You have the chance to make a difference for your children and grandchildren by voting for one of these four great candidates. Please return your ballot and vote for Kirsten Skeehan, Bruce Baizel, Britt Bassett or Heather Erb. Your vote matters.

Gary Skiba