Vote to support LPEA’s total mission

LPEA members should be appalled by Jeff Bermanís rant (Herald, April 8) against his 11 fellow board members and co-op staff. His position is that LPEA is woefully short on substantive pro-conservation and renewable-energy policy, yet nonetheless long on marketing of it. The timing of this piece is clearly in support of four board candidates who have banded together to join Bermanís crusade.

His belief is that LPEA should increase and pay for solar rebates, lighting rebates, establish solar farms and solar-loan programs, all while distancing itself from state and national trade organizations apparently because they lobby for reasonable approaches to energy transition. Each of the above actions relies on more subsidies to very few members and higher costs for all. Sounds rather self-serving, doesnít it?

In his April Colorado Country Life article, the Colorado Rural Electric Associationís Kent Singer discusses a presentation by Bill Gates wherein he recognized that while many people would like to see a transformation in the way we produce energy, people underestimate how far away we are from wide deployment of renewable sources of powerbecause the power systems that are in place today that provide consistent, reliable power are expensive and complex. Gates is pouring money into improving nuclear power technology.

We all get it! Coal-fired power generation is dirty and we all want to transition to cleaner forms of energy, but on what timetable and at what cost? And, what technology should we pursue? These are difficult issues that have not been adequately answered economically or technologically.

Keep in mind that LPEA is a distribution company with its mission to provide its members safe, reliable electricity at the lowest reasonable cost while being environmentally responsible. The current LPEA board has done a credible job of balancing reliability, reasonable cost and environmental responsibility as the mission dictates. We will all suffer economically (personally and as a local economy) if that balance were to shift appreciably. I strongly encourage LPEA members to vote for candidates who recognize LPEAís total mission.

John A. Beebe


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