Class warfare rhetoric is tiresome

While President Barack Obama has been campaigning for a couple of years now, it’s gotten nastier than ever. The class warfare issue is so unfair. The facts, figures and allegations about the differences between the “haves” and “have-nots” just begs for someone to shout out “Enough!”

The comparison between the taxes of Buffett and his secretary raises questions of honesty. No educated person is dumb enough to think that they’re the same type of taxes. Those who believe they’re the same should go back to school. Obama’s constant harping on class is so tiring.

I’m older, retired a long time, pay taxes on my retirement and my Social Security. What’s my fair share? The “fair share” issue is specious. Those who harp on the subject are being dishonest. Being a retired taxpayer, does that mean that I’m responsible for carrying the tax burden of the 47 percent of working Americans who pay no income taxes? Why is their fair share zero?

Robert Phelps