Simple steps could improve road safety

I have some suggestions that I believe will increase the safety and well-being of many travelers in our area.

At the set of crosswalks on the intersection of Sixth/College street and Main Avenue, the existing sign instructing drivers not to turn right while pedestrians are crossing is unclear, hard to see and not easily noticed. It needs to be replaced with a red turn arrow: easily noticed, clear in meaning and internationally recognized. I have spoken to several residents who have been hit or nearly run down while attempting to cross this street.

The recently added pedestrian crossing signs at the intersection of Seventh Street and Camino del Rio are exceptionally confusing to pedestrians and drivers alike and cause a very unsafe situation. The spasmodically flashing yellow lights on a yellow sign are not universally indicative of drivers needing to stop while pedestrians cross.

A more appropriate signal would be a clear red stop light suspended above the middle of the street, particularly as the present signals are off to the side of the road and difficult to see from more than half a block away, due to trees and buildings in the way. At the very least, changing the lights to a steady-blinking red would much improve the present situation.

And finally, I will address the stretch of U.S. Highway 550 comprising the shopping areas from Bodo Industrial Park to Home Depot, including the notorious intersection at Dominguez Drive near Walmart. First, lower the speed limit to 45 mph, post prominent signs and increase police enforcement. Then, add red stop lights to the southbound lane of Highway 550 where it junctures Highway 3. Stop traffic in both directions so drivers can cross straight over to Dominguez, near the Humane Society or turn left onto 550 and merge safely into the right hand turn lane, unimpeded by oncoming traffic.

These few adjustments could save untold lives and hours of frustration and would be well worth any time and expense invested.

Wanda June Prowell


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