Chemtrails are real threat to life

I would like to respond to Earle Beasley’s letter (Herald, April 19) about chemtrails being contrails.

I have lived in cities that have major airports – Denver, Philadelphia, Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; and close to Nashville, Tenn. These airports have much more air traffic than Durango with much bigger jet airplanes. I have never seen passenger plane contrails covering up the blue skies and sun in any of these cities. In all the years of jet airplanes, we have never had murky skies as a result of contrails. Durango and Colorado have always been known for blue skies and sunshine at least 80 percent of the days in a given year.

Only recently have we experienced an increase in chemtrail planes. You can Google “chemtrails” and find a wealth of information about them from experts all over the world. It is happening everywhere, and people need to wake up.

Beasley and others need to research the difference between chemtrails and contrails and not just rely on a dictionary that cannot keep up with all the new words that are constantly being created.

Chemtrails are real. They are a threat to all life on this planet. This is biological warfare.

Susan Page