McCaw, Lieb, Formwalt and Harold for LPEA

Much of what has appeared in the Herald about the bloc of four who want to take over the LPEA board of directors is a clear example of the difference between truth and the whole truth. The slate omits what LPEA has been doing for more than 15 years and the consequences of what they propose to do.

LPEA has been an industry leader in providing renewable energy for its members and is the second largest purchaser of green energy of the 44 co-ops that own Tri State Generation & Transmission. LPEA now invests $1.5 million in conservation, efficiency and renewable energy. Any LPEA member who wants to install his or her own wind, solar or hydro generators is paid by the association for electricity he or she produces beyond his or her own use.

The bloc also leaves out the likely consequence of the proposal to change the power supply and rate structure of the co-op in ways that will favor a few at the expense of many. Given Jeff Bermanís record of failure with San Juan Biodiesel, there is no reason to trust the slate that espouses his philosophy.

Despite Bermanís accusations, LPEA policy decisions are debated thoroughly. LPEA directors have a fiduciary responsibility to reach decisions based on what is best for the whole LPEA membership. Jerry McCaw, Bobby Lieb and Bob Formwalt are among those responsible directors.

My vote in District 4 is for Ann McCoy Harold. I know she will vote for policies that continue to provide a safe and reliable electricity supply at a reasonable cost with environmental responsibility. You can count on Ann to stand our ground.

Please vote and vote carefully!

Fran Reynolds