Biodynamic farming: A holistic approach

Emily and Mike Jensen abandoned budding careers as geologists to follow their passion and become organic farmers. They now own Homegrown Biodynamic Farm outside of Bayfield and farm twoandahalf acres of fresh vegetables using biodynamic practices.

While it might sound hippy-dippy to some, wine growers have sworn by the innovative method of paying attention to lunar and solar calendars for years. They say it produces less fruit, but its sweeter and more intense.

We really believe its the way to get the healthiest food and regenerate healthy land, Emily Jensen said.

Biodynamic agriculture emphasizes holistic relationships among plants, soil and farm animals and excludes using artificial chemicals. Its considered by many to be one of the most sustainable methods of organic farming.

Youre doing things on the calendar to allow energy to bloom at the right time. You really see it in the plants. They have vigor and lots of color, she said.

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