Want to try a program?

Here are a few local farms offering Community Supported Agriculture programs that still have shares to sell. You pay now and usually start receiving produce in June.

Homegrown Biodynamics Farm

This farm outside of Bayfield offers an 18-week farm share program staring in mid-June. A full share feeds a family of four, about a full grocery bags worth each week. Shares cost $550. To buy shares, visit homegrownbiodynamics.com and print the form under CSA. It provides home delivery in Bayfield and drop-off from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Wednesdays at Mercury Payment Systems in the Durango Tech Center, 10 Burnett Court, and at the Durango Transit Center, 250 W. Eighth St.

Mountain Roots Produce

This farm doesnt begin its program until early October and runs for 10 weeks, offering primarily root vegetables. You can customize the Thanksgiving and Christmas boxes to your liking, ordering the amount and type of vegetables as you wish. Each box contains between 8 and 14 pounds The cost is $340 and is delivered to your home.

To buy shares, email Mike Nolan at compostnolan@gmail.com.

The Gardens at James Ranch

This farm offers a 70-member CSA but is sold out for this season. However, its starting a new program called custom harvest, permitting customers to special order vegetables to be picked up at the farm and market (33846 U.S. Highway 550) the next day. The program will start in the next few weeks offering asparagus. To sign up, drop by the farm and fill out a form. After that, you can order by phone (385-5201) or from its website at www.jamesranch/gardens/custom-harvest.net.

Pamela Hasterok