Sweet and heat combine in Cinco de Mayo cake

Matthew Mead/Associated Press

This colorful cake, perfect for Cinco de Mayo, incorporates the fruitiness of fresh mangoes with the sweetness of a coffee-infused glaze.

For The Associated Press

A bit of heat and a lot of sweet make this mango-topped chocolate honey cake a fine choice for celebrating Cinco de Mayo. Bake the cake in any style Bundt pan you like. A more conventional tube pan also would work. You even could divide the batter between mini Bundt cake pans for individual servings.

After it cools, the cake is topped with an easy coffee glaze made by whisking together instant coffee, vanilla and powdered sugar. You can substitute cooled coffee for the 3 tablespoons of water in the glaze, but you still need to use the instant coffee, which adds considerable flavor.

Once topped with mango, refrigerate leftovers. As an alternative, glaze the entire cake, cut servings from it, top each serving with mango.

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