LPEA can benefit from new board members

Recent letters and ads in the Herald by supporters of some current LPEA directors have suggested that if the incumbents are not re-elected, our electricity rates will increase and reliability will suffer, our dollars will somehow be used to subsidize renewable-energy businesses, and single-issue, fiscally irresponsible and inexperienced individuals will disrupt and polarize the LPEA board. In my opinion, these are unfounded and unnecessary fears.

LPEA has a competent management team with a proven track record of delivering reliable and affordable service. I donít believe there is risk of that changing as a result of this election. Nor do I fear my hard-earned dollars being funneled by LPEA into the pockets of unscrupulous renewable energy entrepreneurs. It wonít happen because there are plenty of watchful, knowledgeable and business-minded staff members, directors and members at the helm.

Iím also not worried about it because I know that coal, oil and natural gas are artificially affordable as a result of enormous subsidies and tax incentives, and I see value in leveling the playing field to encourage development and utilization of clean energy technologies. In my opinion, LPEA as an organization and us as co-op members, would greatly benefit from some fresh perspectives and attitudes on the board of directors.

We are a growing and evolving community with a diverse mix of values and priorities. Given the enormous economic, environmental and health impacts of our energy usage, it makes sense to have representation on the LPEA board that reflects the diverse views of its members. The four candidates challenging the incumbents are intelligent, hard-working and committed people who are running not to be disruptive and divisive but to make a positive contribution the community and, in doing so, represent the interests of the majority of members who would like to see LPEA continue to operate as a well-run and environmentally progressive electric co-op.

Greg Phillips