Use diesel engines to access dinosaur park

At present, I live about one-half of a mile from the proposed dinosaur train entertainment site, and I am now building a home, which will only be a few hundred yards from the site. I am very aware of the importance of the train to Durango and La Plata County, but not all of us are on the receiving end of any of those tourist dollars.

While I have no objections to the park per se, I do strongly object to having up to six hours a day on Friday through Sunday of obnoxious, polluting train smoke. I have heard all the arguments train officials use to justify the use of the old, coal-burning engines. But I feel sure that most all of the kids coming up to play with inflatable tyrannosaurus rexes couldn’t care less whether they get there by a much cleaner diesel that can actually be shut off for the hour and a half that the trains sits waiting to go back.

Also, I feel that most tourists come to Durango to play and enjoy the clean air and not drive through a smoke-filled valley. Certainly, the individuals up and down the valley who will be impacted most by the smoke created by the trains sitting there for hours at a time are entitled to just as much right as Al Harper and his train.

MaryAnne Nelson