Family’s loss of child worsened by article

Kimber Brown was a beautiful vibrant 5-year-old girl who was loved beyond words by her mother, father, grandmother and many others in this community. It was devastating to read the article, “Cold medicines blamed for girl’s death,” (Herald, April 14).

We have a son Kimber’s age and the medications she was given by her parents and grandmother are the exact same medicines we have given our son and are still in our medicine cabinet today. There is more to the story than was printed in the article and more questions that need answers.

Is it not painful enough what these parents have been through, losing a child? Is it necessary that they be crucified in the press by making theses vague accusations that they overdosed their child with cold medications?

There were several things written in this article that were unnecessary and hurtful for the family.

We know Mike, Raelynn and Linda, who loved Kimber, did nothing wrong and did nothing that any other parent/grandparent has done in the effort to make their child feel better!

We love and support them, as do so many others in this community and beyond.

Vanessa and Butch Hamer