Price increase keeps seniors out of the way

I will turn 74 in October and have skied Durango Mountain Resort each year since 1998. Like most seniors, I dont ski more than four to eight days a year, and when I do ski, I am usually on the DMR slopes only 3 to 4 hours each day. To avoid the crowds, I rarely ski anything but the weekdays, which does help DMR to see more of us locals during the week. Also note that I do usually frequent the shops and the eateries, thus further contributing to DMRs income.

My question is, what justifies a $250 increase in my season ski ticket, other than to attempt to drive we seniors away? This increase will definitely cause me to not buy a season pass this year, since with the limited days I do ski, I would be better off economically to just pay the daily rate for those few days, assuming I come back to DMR at all.

DMR used to be a very friendly place for the seniors, but why it decided to raise our rates to the point where many of us on limited incomes will not be able to continue to frequent DMR is a mystery to me. Could it be that we seniors are getting too much in the way of the younger, often irresponsible, snowboarders who seem to have no regard for who they run over?

Paul Romere