Kids need parents’ supervision at home, pool

Iím writing because of the article, ďOne parent decries facility policy,Ē (Herald, April 13). Iím 10 years old. My mom is Bernadette Dickinson, the woman who complained about the Durango Community Recreation Center policy.

When I read the article, I thought it wasnít right for kids my age and younger to be there alone without a parent. Even though my friends and I like to swim, we donít like to go to the pool or anywhere else alone.

The article says no children have been molested or abducted and that itís a safe place for kids to go since there isnít much child care in Durango. I think itís unfair for kids to be left alone.

If my parents left me alone after school or in the summer every day while they were at work, I wouldnít feel loved or protected.

I hope that the city changes the policy so that only older kids can be there alone.

If parents can leave their kids alone all the time and the pool allows it, itís not going to make kids feel very good. We like to know our parents care and that they are watching us. If I had been hurt when my friendís dad dropped us off at the pool, my parents would not have known because they didnít even know I was there. If I am hurt, I want one of my parents to be there.

I read the article on Child Abuse Awareness Month (Herald, April 16). It says child abuse is more than hitting a kid, it is also neglect. Leaving kids alone all the time is neglect.

Kids need their parentsí attention so they donít feel alone, will feel safe, and so they can learn things like rules. Parents also teach us about love. If they arenít around much, how can a kid know what love is?

Please consider the opinion of the kids the policy affects before deciding whether to change the policy or not. Adults decide what the policy is, but sometimes they donít think of us ahead of their jobs.

Isabela Lucas