Price increase drives skier to Wolf Creek

I haven’t purchased a pass at Durango Mountain Resort for the last few years for various reasons, but having turned “golden,” I had decided several months ago to treat myself to a season pass this year.

However, the blatant price increase and total disregard for the senior segment by DMR have changed my mind.

So from DMR’s perspective, it has failed to capture a previous customer, not to mention the lost revenue from other expenditures (e.g., lunch, rentals, etc.).

Sounds like DMR made a short-term decision while not considering the long-term implications.

Guess I’m just one more “gray hair” who will be heading to Wolf Creek.

You know, it’s only about 20 miles further for me, and at 30 miles per gallon, it would take more than 40 trips to eat up the season-pass savings (unless I carpool; then the numbers really get attractive).

Since I ski fewer than a dozen times a year, it’s a real no-brainer.

Tim Blake