Make ‘smart meters’ a free, opt-in choice

’Tis the season for spring cleaning, and we are not talking about dust bunnies. It is time to vote in new LPEA directors. Colorado Citizens Smart Meter Awareness encourages you to vote for Kristen Skeehan, District 1; Bruce Baizel, District 2; Britt Bassett, District 3; and Heather Erb, District 4. These new four clean-energy candidates will bring a breath of “clean air” to the LPEA board.

CCSMA contacted each of the four clean-energy candidates, asking for their positions on smart meters, and within a few hours all four replied: “Smart meters are to be optional.” Erb said, “Not only do I think smart meters should be optional, there should be no added fee for customers who wish to opt out.”

What a great response. Customers should have a choice with no fee because smart meters have raised health, privacy, security and safety concerns nation- and worldwide. The current LPEA board of directors should care for customer and member concerns. We believe the four clean-energy candidates will be great for positively listening to customer and member concerns first.

You may ask, “What about the incumbents?” Robert Formwalt, Herb Brodsky, Jim McCaw and Bobby Lieb have yet to address customer concerns regarding smart meters.

Why the clean four? Let us count the ways. Skeehan has promoted geothermal use in Pagosa Springs and promotes growing sustainable, affordable sources of energy. Bassett is a businessman and has a formal education in nuclear. Baizel is a lawyer and has done extensive research on affordable renewable resources. Erb is a successful businesswoman with experience in fiscal planning and energy efficiency. She wishes to move forward by seizing the many opportunities for economic development. These candidates’ ideas in turn will provide more local jobs and keep more of our energy dollars in Southwest Colorado. has more information regarding LPEA smart meters. Join us at 9 a.m., Wednesday at LPEA headquarters (Bodo Industrial Park) for a public meeting. Let LPEA know smart meters should be an opt-in program and no fees to opt out.

Deb Shisler