Write-in candidate changes electoral goal

McMillan raises sights from state House to U.S. Congress

Jaime McMillan, an independent, has withdrawn from the state 59th House District race to run for the 3rd Congressional District.

In a news release, McMillan lambasted the two-party system, saying, “people deserve more than a (D) or (R) choice, but rather a multiple choice when they go to the polls.”

He said the partisan status quo has created a branch in Washington that is broken and dysfunctional.

When McMillan began his campaign for the 59th House District months ago, he originally sought to run as a Democrat, but was quickly dissuaded by what he described as a party political machine that was hostile to insurgent voices and corrupted by money.

In the 3rd Congressional District, McMillan will face formidable competition.

His Republican opponent, incumbent Rep. Scott Tipton of Cortez, has already raised $813,275.

His Democratic opponent, Sal Pace, has raised $521,358.

McMillan’s congressional campaign is not listed on the Federal Election Commission’s website.

Receipts show that his campaign for the state House has a balance of $899.59.

McMillan will be running as a write-in candidate, as his name will not appear on the ballot.

A write-in candidate has never prevailed in the 3rd Congressional District, nor has an independent.

If elected, McMillan pledges to legalize marijuana, place a moratorium on all home foreclosures and pass a constitutional amendment that declares free speech to be a right of people and not corporations.

McMillan decried Congress as too ideologically polarized, and said he would reintroduce pragmatism to Washington.

McMillan will formally announce his candidacy May 24 at the Lost Dog Bar and Lounge.


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