Writer should stop whining and volunteer

Had Frank Klein (Letters, Herald, May 9) studied a modicum of history, he would have learned that senior discounts are a response to the extreme fixed income most seniors live on. The discounts originally were meant to assist them keeping active in their golden years and to thank them for all they have contributed to their communities and their country. By keeping our seniors active, their medical costs are lower, and that is good for everyone. They no longer have control over their income as younger people do. I would imagine that for some, the discount at Durango Mountain Resort is the difference between staying home alone or getting out with people.

I find Kleinís pithy judgment toward the grandmas and grandpas of our town astonishing, but even more, I think it is he who may have entitlement issues. Perhaps Klein could find some unconditional positive regard for people in general if he did a little volunteer work and gave back to his community as seniors always have.

Time to grow up and ditch the whining jealousy.

Deborah A. Lynn


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