Broderick’s actions work against city’s success

Paul Broderick’s actions as a city councilor are working against the well-being of Durango. He fought the franchise fee the city has collected for more than 40 years from La Plata Electric Association and thus robbed Durango residents of $900,000 per year.

Then, on April 24, during a meeting between city and county officials, he urged that the city extend water service to unincorporated areas of La Plata County east of Three Springs. Extending that service would cost the city of Durango hundreds of thousands of dollars and further encourage 1950s-style rural sprawl. And that’s not to mention the headaches city staff members would incur in dealing with the two county commissioners and those narrow-minded county residents who believe community planning is a nefarious United Nations plot.

I urge the four other city councilors not to allow any staff time to be wasted – or a penny of Durango residents’ money to be spent – on considering extension of water service to unincorporated areas.

Broderick has proved the old adage that it’s easier to destroy a bridge than to build a bridge. For purely ideological reasons he called the franchise fee illegal and dishonest – a fee that helps maintain city services, employs people and to which no one has ever objected. It costs most city residents less than $5 a month. An elected official’s job is to propose solutions, it’s a shame Broderick doesn’t understand that.

I’ve lived in four cities in Colorado, and I can assure everyone that the city of Durango runs a very tight ship. The blow to the budget is significant and not just for this year: The city will have to make up nearly $20 million over the next 20 years.

Broderick works as a loan officer at a local bank.It makes me wonder how he makes loans. While he can yell “fire,” I’ll bet that he won’t be sitting face-to-face with city workers to tell them they are being fired.

Joe Lewandowski, Durango Planning Commission