Make medical marijuana laws fair for all

Anyone knows that drugs stay in our system for along time, so this means if you smoke the night before, then say you get pulled over by the peace officer and he says to you, “You seem impaired, we need to check you out.” The test comes back positive, and now you have to go through a lot of red tape and pay a lot of fines and also maybe go to jail.

Let’s say the officer is wrong on this issue, and he just wants to fill up the jailhouse and collect on our dime. It’s wrong of these folks to just go with it and create a lot of headaches and problems for people like you and me – the medical marijuana patients. We are the ones who are being harassed and unfairly treated because of the THC issues. Not all know the proper policies or have a way of finding out, except for TV or radio.

Medical marijuana patients matter, and so does their health. We all have a choice, and medical marijuana is the right one. What is not right is that we’re all being attacked by peace officers and government by this THC issue. Our policy is constantly changing – kind of like our clothes. We must not be confused and not change our policy month to month. Make it right for all medical marijuana patients. We all matter as a whole.

Do the right thing for all medical marijuana patients – not for law enforcement’s benefit. Now remember, not only is there medical marijuana, there is meth, crack and other harder drugs. There is also mouthwash, paint and hand sanitizer to go along with the long list of things that can kill you. So medical marijuana is light compared to the rest.

Denise Jacobs