Animas Valley residents’ mail is stolen for a second time

Suspects elusive in both cases, authorities say

County Road 203 residents were hit again by suspects rifling through mailboxes in search of checks, bank records and other information used to steal someone’s identity, the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office said.

The thefts occurred Tuesday night along a 7-mile stretch of County Road 203, said Dan Bender, spokesman with the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies collected a bag of mail that has been returned to the Durango Post Office to be redelivered.

Suspects went through mailboxes along County Roads 203 East Animas Road (County Road 250), as well as U.S. Highway 550 in the middle of April.

There are no suspects in either case, and authorities do not know why County Road 203 was hit twice, Bender said.

If residents think they lost an important document or are victims of identity theft, they should call the Sheriff’s Office, Bender said.

The thefts appear to be occurring around this time of the month when people typically are receiving bank statements and checks in the mail, Bender said.

Identity theft is one of the leading crimes in America in terms of dollars lost, he said.

Residents should pick up their mail as soon as possible after it is delivered, Bender said. If residents are sending sensitive material, such as checks or important bills, they should drop them off at a post office or in a blue mailbox in public locations.

“It’s much more time consuming than putting it in the mailbox, but it does keep people from stealing it,” Bender said.

If residents are seeking mail that was retrieved, they should contact the post office.

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