LPEA board did not deserve criticism

The recent protests by some member of LPEA that the election was not properly promoted on KSUT doesnít make much sense (Herald, May 17).

If someone was a member of LPEA and didnít know there was an election going on, he or she was not paying attention. Every member received a ballot and mailings from candidates. The Herald and all of the local media, including KSUT, provided plenty of coverage. If someone didnít vote, he or she didnít want to.

To attack someone who is as dedicated, honest and straightforward as LPEA Secretary Pam Patton is ridiculous. This is a woman whose integrity and work ethic is known to anyone who has ever worked with her.

The people who serve on the board of La Plata Electric do it as a contribution to their community. This is not a political job with lots of rewards. These people deserve our thanks and appreciation, not unfounded accusations.

Jackson Clark